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New Technologies Retanning Chrome

The commitment of the "Research Group ALANCHIM", in favor of the tanning sector, continues to provide valuable support to companies in the sector. This effort is still aimed at finding products, which despite having a strong performance content, have a low environmental impact.
For this purpose, has been placed on the market a highly innovative product ECOCROM PR1.


This product is a modified chromium which due to its special characteristics can be used to retan all kinds of leather, both tanned with mineral or organic process. ECOCROM PR1 is, _ retanning agent that allows the production of high quality leathers as evidenced by our application tests, with the peculiarity to get a very high exhaustion chrome baths.
The leathers retanned with ECOCROM PR1 have more roundness and fullness of the corresponding normal skins retanned with chromium salts 26/33, or other basicity.
The analyzes carried out on the hides showed a greater amount of chromium fixed to the leather, thus favoring the fullness of the finished leather.
Similar analysis carried out on the exhausted baths allow to highlight how, thanks to ECOCROM PR1 the load of chromium residue is much reduced; comparing the results. As you can see dl graphic quantities are reduced sharply.                                   

A further significant advantage of using this product is the pH of the baths of end-tanning. In fact, at this point we found a pH of 4.4 to 4.6, externally and in section, this means that the neutralization has already occurred and is primarily occurred in a very long time, allowing the pH to rise gradually.
This allows to obtain a better compactness even in regions generally more "empty" and spongy skin (hips). Thanks to ECOCROM PR1 for many articles is possible to avoid the operation of de-acidifying, or reduce drastically, so going to obtain a considerable saving of products and thus the polluting load.



The experience gained, shows that the use of ECOCROM PR1 in replacement of normal retanning chrome, normally used, leads to a significant improvement of wastewater and to a raising of the physical properties of the finished leathers. The ease of application of the product is that it does not in the least alter the normal production processes tanneries.

The Research Group Alanchim is quite happy to accommodate your every question and invites you to try this new and important product to personally evaluate the result on your media, so as to strengthen and credited the work done in our laboratories.

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