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Dyes Free of Heavy Metals

Alanchim presents his latest research in the field of metal-free dyes, thus closing the circle of products necessary to tanning and re-tanning eco-friendly.
With the growing demand for quality standards and in compliance with the regulations on the impact of tanning products within the skin, Alanchim takes another step forward by presenting a selection of colors that maintain high quality of dyeing, but going to be subjected to rigorous testing analytical.
There invitaiamo to try this line to demonstrate the value of our words.

The Research Group Alanchim is quite happy to accommodate your every question and invites you to try this new and important product to personally evaluate the result on your media, so as to strengthen and credited the work done in our laboratories.

Alanchim S.r.L. - Via dell' Acero, 16 - 56022 Castelfranco di Sotto (PI)
C.S.I.V. 36.400.00 € - Reg. Imprese PI - C.F./P.I. 01118020500 - Num. R.E.A. PI-101325

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