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Retanning Agent Catalog

Intertan is the Selection of Tanning and Retanning Agent offered by Alanchim to better Respond to market request.

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INTERTAN BB - Acrylic Resin

INTERTAN B4  - Vinyl Resin

INTERTAN BM - Synthetic Tannic Agent

INTERTAN C3 - Polymer Filler

INTERTAN CF - Vegetable Extract

INTERTAN CB - Synthetic Tanning

INTERTAN DE LIQ - Melamine Resin

INTERTAN DE - Melamine Resin

INTERTAN GE - Liquid Tanning Agent

INTERTAN MA - Dispersing agent

INTERTAN EM - Styrol Maleic Polymer

INTERTAN H23 - Pre-Tanning Agent

INTERTAN MC-40 - Liquid

INTERTAN MR - Liquid Filler

INTERTAN MG - Acrylic Resin

INTERTAN N - Syntan for Soft

INTERTAN OX - Liquid Tanning Ag.

INTERTAN OMT - Filling Product

INTERTAN PDU - Tanning Agent

INTERTAN PKM - Retanning Compound

INTERTAN PR - Dyciandiamide resin

INTERTAN SDX - Synthetic Tanning Agent

INTERTAN PN - Neutralising Syntan

INTERTAN RE/M - Acrylic Resin

INTERTAN SM - Synthetic Tanning Agent

INTERTAN SO - Universal Syntan

INTERTAN TA - Penetrating Agent

INTERTAN SW - Tanning Agent

INTERTAN TAL - Tanning Agent (Al)

INTERTAN TP - Acrylic Resin

INTERTAN TR100 - Vegetable Extr.

INTERTAN TS - Urea-Formaldehyde Resin

INTERTAN TV - Synthetic Tanning Agent

INTERTAN VL - Liquid Tanning Ag.

INTERTAN VK - Replacement Syntan

INTERTAN VOS - Liquid Retanning


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