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Tanning Process of Formaldehyde-Free

The commitment of the "Research Group ALANCHIM", in favor of the tanning sector, continues to provide valuable support to companies in the sector. This effort is still aimed at finding products, which despite having a strong nature performance, have a low environmental impact.
For this purpose, has been placed on the market a Formaldehyde-free tanning process called PROCESS FF.


FF Process is now one of the most innovative tanning methods, based on the growing demand to obtain a product suitable for sensitive sectors that have restrictions binding of chemical and physical nature.
Alanchim through a series of products selected for their characteristics and their low content of substances that can generate free formaldehyde, has managed to develop a recipe suitable for a customers increasingly attentive to the respect and protection of the consumer.
The research done does not stop at simple search of a product without formaldehyde but rather, we researched an article that present qualitative and technical standards very good, we can gladly say that the skins have a roundness and fullness of a quality and physical resistance as good .

The last step was to extend and develop the process for a variety of articles and leather, from the calf to the furnishing to the one for children's footwear, crusts, sheep and even goats. The softness, the mellowness and fullness are the characteristics that unite all items FF Alanchim.


The experience matured shows that the use of products such as INTERTAN SW, INTERTAN PR and INTERTAN TR100 stolen in FF, adjuvants from other products, gives a softness, fullness and softness of a high quality leather.
ALANBASE NFM is this another flagship product of this receiving necessary and important to achieving the objective: GET A QUALITY LEATHER 'FORMALDEHYDE-FREE

The Research Group Alanchim is quite happy to accommodate your every question and invites you to try this new and important product to personally evaluate the result on your media, so as to strengthen and credited the work done in our laboratories.
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