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Our comprehensive range of Chemical Products for Tannery


ALANBASE is the line of Auxiliary Products for Beamhouse, which Alanchim has developed according to its production standards.


Alanchim is on the market with the line of tannins INTERTAN suitable both during tanning and re-tanning.


First domestic production line of fatliquors INTEROL is now reality for the production of hides and leathers.


ANTADERM is the line of dyes by Alanchim, a selection of over 70 different color tones.

more than

chemicals certified




our commitment to a sustainable future

Experts in chemical Products

From over 30 years leader in the production of Chemical Products for Leather

Since 1989 Alanchim has been a leader in Italy and abroad in the production and distribution of chemical products for tannery. Quality, Customer Service and Reliability have always been our strengths.

Our technicians combine their different skills in the tanning sector to create products capable of exalt the rich qualities of the leather.

Technical Service
& Customer Care

Technical Assistance and Customized Production
We support our customers in the choice of products, showing them the functions and the various applications. Alanchim has always stood out for the high professionalism of its staff, who make themselves available to customers every day to satisfy commercial and technical requests. Every year Alanchim presents its new applications during trade fairs and company workshops.

A Digitized Warehouse
means fast shipping

Alanchim has a digital warehouse management system that guarantees complete traceability in all its warehouses, to guarantee correct storage and rapid order preparation, we are able to ship orders to Europe in two working days and to the rest of the world in less than two working weeks.

Producer of quality Wet-End Chemicals

Alanchim has the capability to produce 8500 tons of several chemicals. Conduct reactions of Acrylic polymerzations, sulphatation of natural oils, sulphitation of marine and vegetable oils and esterifications of synthetic and natural alchoo, with a 4.0 plant of production.

we export all over the world

Consult the list of countries where our distributors are located, where it is possible to request Alanchim products.
Contact us for more precise information, we will find the right solution for you.


The Quality is at the base of our Growth

We use new technologies to develop our products

Alanchim has an integrate quality managment system that allow them to guarantee their chemical’s quality, through a full range of analysis conduct on the raw materials, the intermediate and on the finished products for every single batch of production.

Green Thinking
as a every day's
life philosophy

Alanchim is commited to reducing dangerous chemical substances in their product range, while simultaneously increasing the renewable sources and natural raw materials, involved in the productions. Since 2021 our production plant and headquarters, have been using renewable electricity, Alanchim from the beginning has not produce dangerous chemicals as production waste.

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